Brainy Fruits Match 3 – Language Challenge is a brainy match 3 puzzle game with a language challenge and edutainment purpose.

Do you like match 3 puzzle games? You are smart and got tired of the ordinary match 3 games? Then you got to try Brainy Fruits Match 3.  It is an alternative match 3 puzzle game that let you play smarter and feel sharper.

You think you can think fast? Challenge yourself with this edutainment game. The goal of the game is to connect 3 or more of the wanted fruit to progress to the next level! But that’s not all. The wanted fruit is written in different languages to make the game more challenging. You have to be quick enough to keep matching and at the same time solve the language challenge before time runs out.

Brainy Fruits Match 3 features:

  • Match the same fruits not by swapping but by connecting at least 3 of the same fruits
  • Each level is timed. Gain score and time by matching the wanted fruits.
  • Gain time by matching any other fruits
  • Advance to the next level when all wanted fruits are matched
  • The wanted fruits are written in different languages
  • Can learn the names of fruits in different languages while mastering the game.

Make sure your brain is fit enough and can think quick enough to handle this edutainment game. Start your language challenge adventure today with Brainy Fruits Match 3.

Download it for FREE on the Google Play store now!

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